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Our Story

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A Bit About Us

Established in 1999 by Jeff and Corrina Duimering, Duimering Homes takes pride in building high quality homes with the customer’s specific lifestyle needs in mind. Offering custom home designing and construction on your property, or one of our available lots and pre-designed model show and sell homes.


A seasoned craftsman, Jeff Duimering has been in the building industry since 1989 and through his extensive career Jeff has acquired a wide range of carpentry skills. Corrina Duimering is a Certified Interior Decorator and works with customers on the interior design and decorating details of their custom home.


As a family run business based out of Drayton, Ontario, Jeff and Corrina Duimering are very involved with their local community. Living in the community where we work, we see you at the arena, sponsor local events and love where we live. We are committed to trust, transparency and a custom build experience while maintaining long term relationships with homeowners.


Contact us today to turn your dream home into a reality.

Jeff and Corrina Duimering

Meet Jeff

Jeff Duimering is a licensed carpenter, seasoned craftsman and fine home builder. Jeff has
been in the building industry for over 30 years, starting the business in the general contracting industry, building and renovating residential and industrial projects large and small. After building a few custom homes Jeff began to develop a passion for building homes which led to a desire to build better homes. With Jeff’s design partner Corrina Duimering, which happens to be his life partner, they have set out to build quality, energy efficient homes. Jeff is continually educating himself in the latest building science to incorporate better techniques into his homes. Jeff currently builds homes that are Energy Star Registered before completion. Jeff’s next goal is to build Net Zero Energy homes, which is a home that creates as much energy as it uses.

Design Partner

Meet Corrina

Corrina Duimering is a design partner at Duimering homes. With a passion for interior design, Corrina offers personal attention to clients, advising and sourcing to create comfortable to suit their lifestyle. Whether sourcing light fixtures or checking in with the skilled trades on site, she is active in the full scope of the custom home. Corrina’s goal is for the home owners to feel confident about the decisions they have made to enjoy life in their new Duimering home. Corrina has been life partners and business partners with Jeff for over 20 years.